Mobile as the new Storefront - Facebook

EcommerceWiki Week 2019 - Amsterdam

Mobile as the new Storefront - Facebook

by Wouter van den Berg

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About the Speaker

Wouter van den Berg

Wouter van den Berg is Client Partner Retail at Facebook. Currently is responsible for the strategic cooperation with the largest Benelux retail advertisers on Facebook and Instagram. He also worked with larger eCommerce companies as well as with digital native start- and scale-ups that highly rely on advertising on the Facebook and Instagram platforms, such as Uber and Next to this, Wouter is responsible for several scaled education events organized by Facebook and heads-up the Facebook side of the partnership with the Ecommerce Foundation.

Prior to joining Facebook in 2016, Wouter was founding partner at Brooklyn Ventures – a Venture Capital firm investing mainly in tech, telco and media start-ups. Before that, he worked for 4 years at MetrixLab, a large marketing research company that bought Wouter’s first start-up, founded immediately after graduating from Twente University. 

Practical Info

07/16/2019 10:00 (Europe/Amsterdam)
30 minutes
Central Meeting Hall