Digital Maturity: define your roadmap

EcommerceWiki Week 2019 - Amsterdam

Digital Maturity: define your roadmap

by Jente De Ridder

Your organization is in the middle of a transformation. Ambitious strategies outline how you will battle the threat of disruptors. Truth is that many of those plans require a solid data foundation. However, this is exactly where many companies are struggeling. Jente will share a testen and proven framework for mapping your Digital Analytics Maturity. This framework helps to get an overview of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses and reveals the gap between ambitions and reality. It’s a great starting point for defining your transformation roadmap.

*Jente De Ridder – Senior Analytics Consultant at Humix* Jente is senior consultant and analytics team lead at Humix, a boutique consultancy firm that supports organisations in making data actionable. Humix is hired by companies such as VRT, Essent, Telenet, Johnson & Johnson, AG Insurance, UNILIN, etc. Over the last 5 years, Jente has been involved in data projects in Belgium and the Netherlands. During these projects, Jente has first-hand experienced the gap between ‘making ambitious digital strategies’ and ‘translating those into operational excellence’. But he has also learned what initiatives can be taken to accelerate the growth of a company’s digital analytics maturity. Jente is an active contributor to the analytics community. He’s one of the organisers of Measure Camp Brussels. Writes blogs on web analytics. And he loves to share his experience with others by speaking on conferences or running workshops and web analytics courses.

Practical Info

1 hour 30 minutes